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Woman Can! – Support to vulnerable women employment

October 1, 2018    Projects
Location: City of Niš
Target group: Women from vulnerable groups, socially excluded and in risk of poverty, primarily single mothers and Roma women from Roma settlements, as well as members of their families.
Activities: Preparation of the project and press conference; Launching of the open call and promotional field visits; Selection of candidates and development of Individual Support Plans (ISP); Meeting with potential employers; Vocational training course for 20 beneficiaries; Psycho-social support; "Coffee with the employer"; Practical work with an employer; Info campaign; Final meeting.
Number of beneficiaries: Direct: 20 women from vulnerable groups, 60 members of their families (children, parents, spouses and other members of families), 30 representatives from local self-government and relevant institutions and associations, 400 persons from Roma settlements and other deprived areas. Indirect: 13.000 beneficiaries.
Period: 01st of October 2018. - 31st of Jully 2019.
Donor(s): The Project "Woman Can! - Support to vulnerable women employment" is realised within the programme "Enhancing Good Governance and Social Inclusion for Municipal Development – Swiss PRO", which is implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM).

Young with a voice 2 – for greater participation and regional cooperation

September 5, 2018    Projects

#prEUsentation – presentation of neighbourhood cooperation

August 1, 2018    Projects
Location: South-East Serbia; 6 administrative districts (Bor, Zaječar, Nišava, Pirot, Pčinja and Toplica) which belong to Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme; 6 cities: Bor, Knjaževac, Niš, Bela Palanka, Prokuplje i Vranje; online.
Target group: High school pupild/young people from 6 cities of SE Serbia, representatives of pupil’s parliaments, national minorities, migrants, young people with disabilities, educational workers, parents from the teritory of SE Serbia and internet users
Activities: Preparatory activities; Workshops for preparation of #prEUsentations; #prEUsentations in 6 cities of CBC region; Photo exibitions; Promo acitvities; Monitoring and evaluation.
Number of beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries: - 16 young people, high school pupils from the teritory of the City of Niš; - 480 youth people, high school age, from I to IV grade from 6 cities in SE Serbia (Bor, Knjaževac, Niš, Bela Palanka, Prokuplje i Vranje). Indirect beneficiaries: - over 3.000 young people, high school age from 6 cities in SE Serbia; - at least 3.000 online users; - high school pupils and young people from the teritory of SE Serbia, their parents, peers, teachers and profesors and professors from other high schools.
Period: August - December 2018.
Donor(s): Ministry of European Integration.

From Activism to combating Extremism

June 1, 2018    Projects
Location: South Serbia, Nis and Bujanovac.
Target group: Young people aged 15 - 20, citizens of Nis and Bujanovac, representatives of local communities, competent authorities in local self-governments and police, users of social networks.
Activities: Online administration of contents and social networks; Training for young volunteers/anti-haters; Field mapping of hate speech and discrimination; Creation and promotion of video clips; Community actions; Meetings of young people with citizens and representatives of local self-government; City Forum
Number of beneficiaries: Direct: 20 young volunteers/anti-haters, 16 activists from Nis and 4 from Bujanovac, 100 citizens from Nis and Bujanovac, 20 representatives from local self-government, 30 participants on City Forum; 5.000 users of social networks. Indirect: citizens of Nis, Bujanovac and region, users of social networks.
Period: 01st of June - 31st of December 2018
Donor(s): Open Society Foundation, Serbia.

Young with a Voice IV

January 1, 2018    Projects
Location: Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and Montenegro.
Target group: Young people that risk social and economic marginalization.
Activities: Coordination meetings and preparatory activities; Creating and printing of Handbook; Establishment of groups for policy monitoring and making recommendations; Monitoring of policies and making recommendations; Child driven activity; Printing a brochure with recommendations; Promotional activities; Presentation of the recommendations; Presentation of the European Commission report; Meetings of the ChildPact Steering Committee; Final conference; Policy Statement Development.
Period: 1st of January – 31st of December 2018.
Donor(s): European Commision, through the IPA Civil Society Facility Programme.

Young with a Voice III

January 1, 2017    Projects
Location: Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and Montenegro.
Activities: Preparation of Action; Peer educator training; Peer workshops; Printing of brochure; Promotion activities; Development of recommendations; Presentation of the recommendations; Presentation of the recommendations to the European Commission in Brussels; Monitoring policies for child protection; Final meeting.
Period: 1st of January – 31st of December 2017.
Donor(s): European Commision, through the IPA Civil Society Facility Programme.

„My choice“

December 29, 2016    Projects
Location: Niš, Pirot, Vranje and Bujanovac
Target group: Young people from these 4 towns (a indirectly from entire Serbia) which have just gained voting rights and which will vote for the first time at the next elections
Activities: Preparation and performance of forum play, discussions and promotional activities
Number of beneficiaries: 20 directly involved children in the preparation of the forum play, 350 young people directly involved as the audience and 5000 indirect beneficiaries
Period: December 2016 – March 2017.
Donor(s): Trag Fondacija

Youth Riders

November 23, 2016    Projects
Location: Serbian border area, cities: Nis, Bor, Zajecar, Pirot and Vranje; Bulgarian border region, cities: Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pernik and Kustendil.
Target group: Young leaders and youth workers from youth sector, decision makers in field of youth policy from whole border region, young people from whole border region, 16-29 yeras old.
Activities: The research in Bulgarian and Serbian border region; selection and preparation of "Youth Riders" in Bulgaria and Serbia; creation of Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP); support for creation of Cross-border training camp; "Youth Ride" - public discussions in Bulgaria and Serbia; training sessions in Bulgaria and Serbia; Cross-border leader camp; publications.
Number of beneficiaries: Directly: 200 Indirectly: 200.000
Period: 23th of November 2016. - 22nd of February 2018.
Donor(s): European Union through Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme, No CCI No 2014TC16I5CB007.

Monitoring of Inclusive Education and Processing of Discrimination

September 26, 2016    Target group, Children, Ceographic coverage, Local, Youth, Areas of activity, Adults, Projects
Location: Nis, Belgrade, Uzice, Bor and Zajecar
Target group: Parents, employed in primary schools, representatives of institutions on local and national level and citizens.
Activities: Making of animated movie and phone application; reediting and reprinting of Guide for parents; coordination meetings of partners on project; panel discussions in cities where Coalition is operating; meetings with parents and representatives of schools in near-by places; consultations with parents and mapping of cases of discrimination; promotional activities.
Number of beneficiaries: Direct: 400 parents, employed in educational system, representatives of institutions; Indirect: over 7.000 parents, employed in educational system, representatives of institutions and citizens.
Period: 01st of June 2016. – 31st of May 2017.
Donor(s): Open Society Foundation, Serbia.

Inclusive Еducation is Quality Education

September 20, 2016    Children, Projects
Location: Nis
Target group: Children and parents from marginalized groups, children and parents from general population, elementary and high school employees, local self-government representatives, local professional associations representatives, CSOs, media and general population in Nisava district.
Activities: Informing of schools and parents about main findings of Policy brief and recommendations; expert panel discussion; collecting of support signatures; inclusive activities with children and parents; printing and dissemination of promotional leaflets; media promotion; final meeting with local self-government representatives.
Number of beneficiaries: Direct: 100 children, 300 parents, educational system employees, public institutions representatives and 500 people from general population. Indirect: more than 10.000 children and parents, educational system employees, public institutions representatives and general population.
Period: 20th of September - 20th of December 2016.
Donor(s): Center for Interactive Pedagogy (CIP)


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