The training in the field of human rights and debating was organized for 20 teachers from ten high schools in the region. It lasted 4 days and was held in the premises of the organization during the two weekends: 14th/15th and 21st /22nd of March 2009.
The training provided the increase of teachers’ knowledge on human rights and their protection, the EU documents in the field of human rights, minority rights, women rights, the consumers’ rights and the right on a healthy environment. In the second part of the training, the teachers acquired knowledge and debating skills that they will transfer to their pupils during workshops in schools.

Workshops on human rights for youth started in early April and lasted three months, one workshop every week. Workshops were led by teachers who have completed the training and with similar content on human rights organized them with groups of pupils from ten secondary schools in the region. The schools included in this program are: Gymnasium "Svetozar Markovic" Gymnasium "Stevan Sremac", Gymansium "Bora Stankovic" School of Food and Chemistry from Nis, Technical school and Agricultural school from Aleksinac, High Schools from Svrljig and Bela Palanka, Technical school from Vlasotince and Agricultural school from Prokuplje. A total of 200 young people from six cities in South-East Serbia were involved in the workshops.

The training on project management and writing projects by the EU standards for 20 high school pupils involved in the debate program was held from 23rd to 25th of October in children's resort in Lipovac. With the support of the experienced trainers Dragan Petkovic and Nenad Stojanovic from Protekta, young training participants have successfully mastered the process of writing demanding EU applications and developing ideas that will compete for the best mini-projects within the budget of the project "Debating Human Rights."

After the training, the participants should form in their schools teams and develop their project proposals. The organizers have sent the application over the mailing list, with the instructions for filling it in, with the deadline until the end of December. During January the committee will review the received applications and select 3-5 most successful project to be implemented in the period from February to May next year.
School debate competition was held in early November in the School of food and chemistry in Nis, in the presence of pupils and teachers of this school, and also pupils and teachers from the School of fashion and beauty that have come to support their peers.

Debating competition between high schools, Gymnasiums "Stevan Sremac" and, "Bora Stankovic", was held in Nis, on 15th of December 2009 in the presence of seventy young people, students and teachers of both schools, pupils from the high school of Food and Chemistry, as well as representatives of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Serbia.

The results of the elections the most successful mini-projects:

From 8 received mini project written by the youth who finished the training on EU project management and development, the evaluative Commission in early January chose four mini-projects to be financed from the budget of the project "Debating Human Rights." Starting from the total number of points, the list of selected project teams from high schools is as follows:
1. Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" from Nis – the project "You have right on the rights!"
2. Gymnasium "Stevan Sremac" from Nis - the project "Short Film Festival on Human Rights”
3. High school “Niketa Remeijanski” from Bela Palanka - the project "You're also the part of the society"
4. Technical School " Prota Stevan Dimitrijevic” from Aleksinac - the project " Together in a healthy life "
The projects will be implemented in the period from March to May 2010.


Semifinal and final competitions of the debaters entitled "Culture of Dialogue" was held from 7th – 9th of May in Aleksinac and Nis. In the amphitheater of the Technical School in Aleksinac the debates were held between the Agricultural School from Prokuplje Technical School from Vlasotince along with School of Agricultural and Technical School from Aleksinac. The winner of this semi-final competition, the team from the Agricultural School in Aleksinac, participated in the final competition in Nis.
In the semi-finals competition in the ceremony hall of Gymnasium in Nis, on 8th of April, participating schools were from Bela Palanka, Svrljig, School of food and chemistry from Nis and Gymnasiums "Svetozar Markovic", "Bora Stankovic" and "Stevan Sremac". The team of Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" from Nis qualified for the finals.

The grand finale was held on 9th of May, The Europe Day, in the Ceremony Hall of the First Nis Gymnasium "Stevan Sremac". With the proclamation of the winners and award ceremony, this debate tournament of the project participants was successfully completed. The winner was the team from the Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic", the second place was the team of Agricultural School “Šumatovac” from Aleksinac, and the third place team was the first Gymnasium of Nis "Stevan Sremac". The best debater was Vladimir Stevanovic, the pupil from the Agricultural School from Aleksinac.

Within the project "Debating Human Rights, the final evaluative meeting was held in Sokobanja from 14th to 16th of May, which involved the debaters and participants of workshops from 10 schools involved in the project, along with the responsible teachers. The evaluation was done both at the level of each school, and at the level of the project, during which the significant results were obtained, which showed the overview of the successful implementation of the project.

At the evaluative meeting on the initiative of the pupils a friendly debate between students and teachers was organized, in which, as well as in the whole tournament the winners were the YOUNG.

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